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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I got sent Mastermix Mashup CD a few weeks ago; whilst most of the mashups weren’t to my taste, I thought I’d share a couple that did at least make it to the end of the track. A couple of Alex C mashups thrown in for good measure – visit his site for more goodies.

MP3: Mylo vs. Neneh Cherry – Drop The Pressure vs. Buffalo Stance
MP3: Supermode vs. Bronski Beat – Tell Me Why vs. Smalltown Boy
MP3: Lily Allen Vs. Dawn Penn – No No No Shame For You
MP3: Madonna vs. Donna Summer – I Feel Future Lovers

Flaming Satin

On the 4 Sept 2006, Goldfrapp are releasing special limited edition double A-side 7” picture disc comes with two tracks: the Flaming Lips mix of 'Satin Chic' which, in typical Lips psychedelic fashion, is entitled Satin Chic Through The Mystic Mix, Dimension 11. The other side features Goldfrapp's fabulous version of The Ordinary Boys' "Boys Will Be Boys' as performed during their recent classic Live Lounge session on Jo Whiley's BBC Radio 1 show (and posted here a few months ago). The single is a picture disc with artwork designed by Alison Goldfrapp.

MP3: Goldfrapp – Satin Chic Through The Mystic Mix, Dimension 11

buy: Goldfrapp - Satin Chic

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


MP3: Jarvis Cocker — Cunts Are Still Ruling The World

Great Shape

Nine months, nine great albums and over half a dozen singles through 2006 already, Tru Thoughts & Zebra Traffic are set to release their second 'Shapes Compilation' of the year.

Shapes Volume 2 2006 offers listeners a sneak preview of what the label has lined up for the next six months, allowing DJs to get their hands on some early exclusives and giving the turntable-less a chance to hear some essential non-album tracks, 'Shapes Compilation' is perfect for newcomers and impatient fans alike. Feat. exclusives from Quantic, Nickodemus and Nostalgia 77; also incl. unreleased material by Spanky Wilson & Quantic Soul Orchestra, TM Juke, Jumbonics and Kinny & Horne; a cover of The Broken Keys' next single by The Bamboos; Alice Russell remixed by Bonobo; Diesler getting the Gerardo Frisina treatment and a live recording by The Nostalgia 77 Octet.

For the really impatient of you out there, I’ve included a couple of my favourite tracks from a very strong label compilation out there.

The album is available on the 8th September 2006

MP3: Alice Russel – A Fly In The Hand (DJ Vadim Mix)
Quantic & Nickodemus – Mi Swing Es Tropical

French Connection

How I wish I had worked a little harder in my french lessons at school. I can currently ask for croque monsieur and occasionally explain to those who wish to know, that although I did take french A levels, I also failed them, but would they like some peas?

With that in mind, I have no idea what french-canadian band Malajube are actually singing out – but it does sound awfully jolly. Sounding a bit like bands such as Broken Social Scene and the Shins, Malajube create joyful indie melodies that have had them on repeat. Whilst they’re probably singing about eating little children or granny bashing, the abscence of anything that I can understand on their 2006 release; Trompe-L'oeil means I’m happy to bop along in time.

MP3: Malajube – Montréal -40ºC
MP3: Malajube –Pâte Filo
MP3: Malajube – Le Crabe

Naachne Rani

From the liner notes of the 1981 release Salma & Sabina Sing The Hits Of ABBa In Hindi:

"This cassette contains the Hindi versions of the melodies of the World's Number One Pop group - ABBA. Their melodies are magic and their reproduction in any other language is a challenge which only the most talented and versatile musicians and singers can accept. This challenge was accepted by a group of people from the Indian Sub-Continent and Europe. Amit Khanna, the writer of numerous Indian hits is the author of the Hindi lyrics on this cassette. he has not only managed to totally preserve the feel and atmosphere of ABBA but also given a new " Indo dimension " to the lyrics, which are undoubtedly the most beautiful songs ever written... The two Agha sisters, Salma and Sabina have put their voices to these lyrics... With their stunning personalities, looks and voices, the Agha sisters are sure to become a phenomenon on the musical scene."

How can you argue with that?

MP3: Salma & Sabina – Toba Toba (Mamma Mia)
MP3: Salma & Sabina – Kabhi Kabhi (Honey Honey)
MP3: Salma & Sabina – Abhilasha (Chiquitita)
MP3: Salma & Sabina – Pehli Pehli Preet (Super Trooper)
MP3: Salma & Sabina – Ho Jayegi Badnami (Money Money Money)
MP3: Salma & Sabina – Hum Rahi (Fernando)
MP3: Salma & Sabina – Hai Ye Pyar Ghazab (The Name Of The Game)
MP3: Salma & Sabina – Mitha Maze Dar (Dancing Queen)

Zip: Salma & Sabina Sing The Hits Of Abba In Hindi

Monday, August 07, 2006

History of Bandwagons

Always one to jump on the bandwagon, I'm currently very excited about the debut album The End of History from Fionn Regan – the latest singer songwriter to be making waves.

The comparisons to the likes of Nick Drake, Simon & Garfunkel and the other notable 60s/70s songwriters may be predictable, but that shouldn’t be seen as a criticism – far from it, Fionn has crafted a surprisingly mature folk album that has the potential to stand the test of time.

MP3: Fionn Regan – Be Good Or Be Gone (expired)
MP3: Fionn Regan – Hey Rabbit (expired)

buy: Fionn Regan - The End Of History

Eaten Alive!

Sort of a request/post here. This weekend I went to one of my local gay bars, where the DJ played a bootleg version of Diana Ross's Eaten Alive. The version was basically the eaten alive part of the chorus over a synthy house track. I've scoured the internet to see whether anyone has released any bootlegs/dance remixes of the track, but with no luck.

Anyone have a copy?

I hadn't actually heard the original Diana Ross track till this weekend - written (and featuring on backing vocals) the Bee Gees and Michael 'I want your nose' Jackson, I have to say I love it for the confused over the top mess that it is.

MP3: Diana Ross - Eaten Alive

buy: Diana Ross - Eaten Alive

Hating The Kids

If you ever wondered what would have happened if Kirsty Maccol and Billy Bragg would have sounded had they decided to joined forces (or what would happen if you really pissed B&S off), then The Indelicates are probably the closest that you’ll get to it. Brash, direct, humorous and great songsmiths, this duo are one of my favourite discoveries of 2006.

Their single We Hate The Kids is out now – visit their site to download lots more MP3s (especially the fantastically titled Waiting For Pete Doherty To Die).

MP3: The Indelicates – We Hate The Kids
MP3: The Indelicates – A New England (Billy Bragg cover)


This company has been responsible for my extended absence – three days after connecting to them, my internet connection died and no amount of persuasion, threats or calling bribery could get my connection back up.

Thankfully, I have now returned to the land of the connected, and am able to go back to sharing random bits of musical delights from my music collection.

First post back, I recommend you check out Headlights and their debut album Kill Them With Kindness. With its sonic clash between shoegazing twee-pop, indie guitars and a synth wall of sound, this album has crept under my skin and feels like the perfect soundtrack for my current state of mind (frustrated at work, cold and wet).

The mix of melancholic lyrics and beach boys chords are making me very happy.

MP3: Headlights – TV (Expired)
MP3: Headlights – Put Us Back Together Right (Expired)

buy: Headlights – Kill Them With Kindness