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Monday, May 07, 2007

A Real Love Song

A gem from 1999 now; Whistler aka Kerry Shaw, ex EMFer Ian Dench and James Topham were a band in the vein of Black Box Recorder with songs sweetly sung hiding a nasty tone.

Heralded in the UK by a brace of singles of the week ("If I Give You A Smile" in the NME and "Don't Jump In Front Of My Train" in the Melody Maker) and a flurry of Evening Session appearances, it won the band a devoted audience and a string of welcoming reviews. Stateside the band were equally lauded with positive reviews in Spin and Alternative Press, among others.

Sadly the hype didn’t manifest in any real mainstream success, however IIGYAS still remains a lovely 4 minutes.

MP3: Whistler – If I Give You A Smile (expired)


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