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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Round 4

Tonight sees the last of the Melodifestivalen semi-finals prior to the second chance round.

My votes for tonight go to the rather wonderful, Village People-esque After Dark – Åh, när ni tar saken i egna händer. My swedish spekaing sources tell me that the title is pun ridden (“Åh, När Ni…” sounds like “Onani” which is Swedish for wanking…. the full song title meaning “Oh, When We Take Things In Our Own Hands”... ). Wonderful.

MP3: Magnus Uggla – För kung och fosterland
MP3: Emile Azar – Vi hade nåt
MP3: Sanna Nielsen – Vågar du, vågar jag
MP3: Caroline af Ugglas – Tror på dig
MP3: After Dark – Åh, när ni tar saken i egna händer
MP3: Sarah Dawn – Finer I Remember Love
MP3: Verona – La musica
MP3: Andreas Johnson – A Little Bit Of Love


Blogger Kostya said...

Greece and Cyprus this year... As always unpredictable in their choices... As always I'm not sure!

Sarbel and Ya sou Maria... You said it yourself... A poor man's Ricky Martin...

Cyprus on the other hand... I actually like in a perverse way... Go check on YouTube, go check.

March 01, 2007 3:53 am

Blogger Adrian said...

I love that After Dark song. So fabulous, even if I can only sing the Åh, när ni bit.

Her twirling costume change moment was splendid too!

March 08, 2007 12:12 pm


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