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Friday, January 26, 2007

Something For The Weekend

As always, been really busy trying to be a professional (no idea what that really means apart from spending hours in the office creating pretty Powerpoint presentations and using words like strategy and initiative), which means little time to post. Never mind, the weekend is nearly here... and we've got some stuff to share (above and over the normal STIs).

First up, The Ark are back with a new single Absolutely No Decorum, which continues the masterclass in modern glam rock the boys started with their debut album. It's fair to say we're eagerly anticipating the album later this year.

Juvelen's press release reads:

Straight from the motherfuckin dungeons of pop! Born in a Stockholm basement some two years ago, rising from the ruinsof compromise and time wasted, Juvelen signalled the start of somethingfunky fresh. Finally the record will be set straight.The good name of pop music will be restored, and sexy willonce again be the shit. You can’t really mention Prince as an influence these days, can you? Let’s just say its aboutsongs of the heart, sung from the hip. May I kick it?

Well - you can't argue with that - and Hanna, the lead track on his debut EP is going down a storm in my bedroom. You can hear most of the EP at his myspace page.

Emmy The Great probably deserves a post of her own - as I've always had a soft spot for female singer/songwriters of the folky/geeky/emo variety - but given the current time limitation, she'll have to live here. Rated as one of Vogue's artists to watch in 2007, ETG is a sweet, jaded anti-folk hero for 2007.

Andrew Bird is back with his follow up to the excellent The Mysterious Production of Eggs with Armchair Apocrypha. As good as it's predecessor, I'm currently addicted to the opening track Fiery Crash.

Xo's posted a vid of Brett Anderson's impending release (ooh er missus) - whilst it's a lovely song, should we be worried that the comeback is a song that was debuted nearly three years ago - the song was first performed at the Rock 'n' Royal” show in Copenhagen in May 2004. A slightly remastered version of that performance (basically taking out the audience noise) is posted below.

MP3: The Ark - Absolutely No Decorum (expired)
MP3: Juvelen - Hanna (expired)
MP3: Emmy The Great - Atoms (expired)
MP3: Emmy The Great - Edward The Dedward (expired)
MP3: Andrew Bird - Fiery Crash (expired)

MP3: Brett Anderson – Love Is Dead (Live at The Rock ‘n’ Roll Show) (expired)


Blogger xolondon said...

Thanks for the goodies. Brett's studio version has debuted on radio, so let me know if yo get a rip. I don't think we have to worry because he did the CD with Fred Ball (from Bertine fame) and the song itself is lovely. I am well intrigued that he held it from The Tears.

January 27, 2007 1:47 pm

Blogger xolondon said...

PS: This explains why the song took so long to see the light of day:,20239

from Brett's mouth to you.

January 27, 2007 2:08 pm

Blogger francelagale said...

Hello !

Is your blog new ?
i ve never came accross it and what a treat to get this video of Bret ! and on song fron the guy behind Bertine Zetlitz !
Fantastic !!
thanx so much !

February 11, 2007 1:07 am


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