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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Play It Again!

Wednesdays are traditionally the shitty days of my week – I’ve already had two days of work, and the weekend is another two days away – wednesdays generally make me want to go and hide in the toilets at work and not come out till thursday evening (when my boss finally goes back to Amsterdam for the weekend).

Today however was surprisingly wonderful thanks to a certain Ms. Annika Norlin aka Hello Saferide. Sounding like a cross between Joni Mitchell (before the cigarettes took over) and Suzanne Vega, With wonderful titles such as If I don’t write this song, someone will die (sung from the p.o.v. of an obsessive compulsive), Hello Saferide writes some wonderful, twee pop songs with an edge.

Whilst I discovered her through her latest EP entitled Would You Let Me Play This EP Ten Times A Day (the answer has been a definite yes!) and the fantastic opener The Quiz , trawling through her back catalogue reveals more than her fair share of gems, with the standout track being Long Lost Penpal.

If you’re looking for singer to make you chuckle, tug on your heartstrings as well as give you a handful of of catchy tunes – don’t look any further than Annika. Check out her myspace for more tracks.

MP3: Hello Saferide – The Quiz (Expired)
MP3: Hello Saferide – Long Lost Penpal (Expired)

buy: Hello Saferide records (link to shops)


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