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Monday, June 05, 2006

Lovin Linus

Linus Loves is actually a production alias for Duncan Reid and Kevin Kennedy, the co-owners of Mylo’s Breastfed imprint, as well as well-respected remixers in their own right.

It looks very much like they can add album-making to their list of skills, with this extremely funky debut LP. Like Mylo’s ‘Destroy Rock & Roll’, Stage Invader is a very 80s-influenced album, but this duo is taking things farther still – there’s everything from a Marvin Gaye adaptation (‘The Love’, a take on Gaye’s ‘Heavy Love Affair’) to the Georgio Moroder-ish ‘Stage Invader’.

As far as highlights go, ‘VH1’ is the closest in spirit to Mylo’s own songs, with a disco riff that sounds very much like a mellower version of ‘In Your Arms’ when it gets going. The moody android funk of ‘Hot And Wrong’ attempts to take things in a different direction, as does the analogue euphoria of ‘Baby I’m Amazed’, but in the end, this album is an update of 80s Italo-disco.

This is what the soundtrack to the new Miami Vice film should sound like.

MP3: Linus Loves – Waterfall (Expired)
MP3: Linus Loves – Night Music (Expired)
MP3: Linus Loves – Baby I’m Amazed (Expired)

buy: Linus Loves - Stage Invader


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