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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Eurotrash Freak

It probably won’t come to folks, that as a gay man living in the UK, I have a soft spot for the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s cliche I know, but there’s just something so damn entertaining about mediocre pop, over the top histrionics and the general cheesiness of it all. This year’s entries are the usual mix of love-lorn ballads (yawn), ethno beats (that’ll be the Eastern European contingency) and MOR pop-by-numbers.

There’s a disappointing lack of the fantastic euro-pop that ESC is renowned for – over the past few years, everyone seems to be taking it way too seriously – and it seems that the idea is to be as boring (and dare I say straight) as possible.

Thank god for Iceland. With a cross between Britney and Lene from Aqua, Sylvia Night is the true Eurovision star – in a similar vein to Dana International – a song with a great hook, looks like she’s coked up to the high heavens and has an appreciation for gay men.

An honorary mention must also go to the Slovenian entry for being..well..a gay superhero. It’s tacky, it’s tragic and I’ve just played it three times in a row.

The nulle points prize must to Lithuania, who have given a whole new meaning to thinking positive by writing a song about how they’re going to win. Except they’re not. Not a chance in hell. None. Sorry. (And on a pedantic point – you can’t claim to be the winners and then ask people to vote for the winners.)

So remember kids. Vote for Iceland – or Silvia will come and kick your ass.

MP3: Silvia Night – Congratulations (Expired)
MP3: Anzej Dezan - Mr.Nobody (Expired)
MP3: LT United - We Are The Winners (Expired)

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