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Thursday, April 27, 2006

It wasn't like that before

One of my favourite tracks of 2004 was Everything is Everything by Phoenix, so I was really excited to get hold of a promo copy of their forthcoming album It’s Never BeenO Like That.

Sonically, in a similar vein to Alphabet, INBLT has the sun-drenched MOR feel that made Alphabet so successful. That said, like Alphabet, INBLT suffers from the same problems–it is unfortunately a mixed bag.

There are a couple of tracks that me going back and hitting the repeat button (Consolation Prizes , Long Distance Call and Rally – the latter being the stand out track for me) but a greater number got me bored about half way through. Part of the boredom stems from the lack of an immediate tune and the insistent drumming that’s used on a number of tracks that leaves me cold.

MP3: Phoenix – Rally (Expired)
MP3: Phoenix – Consolation Prizes (Expired)
y: Phoenix - It's Never Been Like That (Expired)


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