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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

And in the beginning there was Disco...

Just what the world needs, one more MP3 blog. But, really, can you have too much of good music? And as a self confessed music addict, whilst I may be late to the party, you can be sure I’ll bring some goodies along the way.

If I trace my love of music back, the soundtrack of childhood had to be disco. My parents were didn’t agree on much, but parties were the one thing they could throw. Whilst I wasn’t terribly interested in the usual things little boys are interested (e.g. little girls) – I was fascinated by the disco songs that used to play into the early hours of the morning. Whilst there are 100s of tracks to choose from – from the cheesy to the noodley – my all time favourite track has to be Cerrone – Supernature.

Even now, I just have to hear the opening synths, and I’m taken back to a childhood of disco balls and dry ice.

MP3: Cerrone – Supernature (1977) (Expired)
Video: Supernature Video (1977)
Buy Now: Cerrone: Culture - The Best of Cerrone


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