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Thursday, April 27, 2006

I want it right now!

On the theme of British electropop bands fronted by men (ok, just the PSB so far) that we seem to have started here at Homoeclectic, I recently came across the myspace page of Lee from the now sadly defunct band 2wo Third3.

I remember one of my favourite tracks of 1994 being I want the world – 1994 was the year that I came out to my parents and really became aware of the gay media. 2wo Third3 were heavily promoted within the gay press (the name 2wo Third3 was meant to imply that two out of the three band members were gay) and just listening to the track takes me back to one of my first visits to a gay club. (The other being One night in Heaven by M People.)

Speeding forward to 2006, Lee from 2wo Third3 has a myspace page and unlike a lot of the crap out there, the track are actually good. Reminding me a bit of Depeche Mode, he’s definitely worth checking out (and not just because he still looks cute).

For those interested in the history behind 2wo Third3, visit the Popjustice 2wo Third3 microsite.

As a thank you to killarie for being the site’s first ever commenter, Integral is available for download for one day only.

MP3: 2wo Third3 - I want the world (Expired)
MP3: Pet Shop Boys – Integral (Expired)
MP3: M People – One Night in Heaven (Expired)

Buy: Various Artists - Now 29 (contains I want the world)
Buy: Pet Shop Boys - Fundamental
Buy: M People - Ultimate Collection


Blogger killarie said...

je t'adore! here are a couple feel-good tracks :) i don't really have stuff that's hard to find, but please consider these my thank-you.

[mcalmont & butler :: "yes"]

[the big supreme :: "don't walk"]


April 28, 2006 1:43 am


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