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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Leaky boys (Homoeclectic exclusive)

And the PSB leaks keep coming. Integral and I’m with stupid have made it round the net. For PSB fans stumbling across this blog – here’s a Homoeclectic exclusive – we’ve got hold of a copy of PSB’s The Sodom and Gommorah Show.

TSAGS link will only be here for a short while - so get it while it's hot!

As mentioned yesterday, the bits of the album I've heard so far really feel like a return to form for the boys. Whilst I liked Miracles - it was not really the PSB do guitars that I had hoped for. Instead, it seemed to be PSB tone down the synths and are left with not a lot.

TSAGS has the sense of drama and grandiosity that made Very such a great album. That and a crackin tune.

Bonus tracks:

  • Paris City Boy, which replaced New York City Boy on the french release of Pop Art. I love the fact that this is sung with random bits of french thrown in for good measure - adds a certain je ne sais quoi.
  • Icon of Coil - New York City Boy taken from the 2001 compilation Very Introspective, Actually - A Pet Shop Boys Tribute.

    To be honest, I don't really like this track. It's interpreted in a Gary Numanesque style and loses the euphoria that the original has. The song is meant to be about a young , gay man in the big city who feels like he's the the centre of the world. The male chorus is reminiscent of the Village People, the screaming females in the background reminscent of the wailing of divas in house music.

    The IOC version loses this and turns it into a gothic/electro dirge. One for completionists.

MP3: Pet Shop Boys - The Sodom and Gommorah Show (Expired)
bonus: MP3: Pet Shop Boys - Paris City Boy (Expired)
bonus: MP3 -
Icon of Coil - New York City Boy (Expired)

Pet Shop Boys - Fundamental
Pet Shop Boys - Pop Art
Buy: Very Introspective, Actually - A Pet Shop Boys Tribute


Blogger killarie said...

oh sweet jesus, do you know where i can get "integral"? i don't know if i have anything you'd want in exchange--although my mp3 library is filled w/ somewhat obscure 80s dance music, if any of that tempts you.

April 27, 2006 2:54 am


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