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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Step Back In Time

Thinking back to my days at University, I was reminded of two songs that instantly take me back to my first year. As mentioned, the gay clubs in Brighton were one of two options; those playing house or those playing hi-nrg Club Revenge was the venue of choice for those wanting to dance around their actual or proverbial handbags on a Friday night.

Way back then, most single releases didn’t automatically come with a whole host of club remixes (and certainly not always ones that would fit into the rest of a hi-nrg set list, so it was left up to the likes of Almighty and Klone to provide cover versions of whatever was in the charts at the time (which they are still doing, although fewer releases from what I can see.)

The two songs that take me back to the winter of 1996 are Jamie Watson’s cover of the Alison Moyet classic All Cried Out and Newton’s cover of the Dan Hill sobfest Sometimes When We Touch. Neither track is terribly great at what they do, but the fact that they were repeated ad infinitum at the club and a whole host of embarrassing encounters means that listening to these songs take me back to more innocent times. I shudder when I think back to a time when I actually made up dance moves for these songs…

…I guess I should be grateful that neither version has gone down as a classic, and so the memories can be contained (most of the time).

MP3: Jamie Watson – All Cried Out (expired)
MP3: Newton – Sometimes When We Touch (expired)


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