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Monday, July 23, 2007

Jason Tonight

Clearly, a party in a box, the new album entitled Tonight from quirky folk-popster Jason Anderson is a rousing sing-along (really – a number if songs actually feature a rousing sing-along). Sounding a bit like Springsteen – Anderson is in a similar vein – an American storyteller who’s in it not for the glory, but the joy of it all (listen to live recordings on his myspace).

And, if that wasnt enough, he’s posted a recipie for guacamole on his myspace:

"mash up four avocados in a medium sized bowl.
do this with an awesome fork.
next, cut up half a big tomato into small chunks and mix those in.
throw some sea salt on there and mash it all around!
then cut a lime in two and squeeze in the juice from one part.
mix it up some more!! then squeeze in the *other* half of that lime!
oh man, it's getting so good!! wowee!"

Fair enough. The album is out on August 5th.

MP3: Jason Anderson – Tonight (expired)
MP3: Jason Anderson – So Long (expired)


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