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Monday, May 22, 2006

It's a Hardcore Life

How is it possible that Sweden can produce so much great music from a country so small? With a population smaller than that of London, every week I’m coming across fantastic pop music from a Swedish band.

There’s something suspicious going on – my keen instincts tell me there is a clearly a government sponsored programme to only allow those Swedes capable of producing a pop album to breed therefore increasing the PPC (pop-per-capita) count.

This is a round-up of the Swedish artists that have been getting repeated play:

First up, we have Lo-Fi-Fnk who have just released their debut album Boylife. The album is full of classic 1980’s new wave synths layered under vocal harmonies. The album has a very personal feel to it, covering topics such as coming out (Steppin’ Out), not feeling like you fit in rural surroundings (City) and learning from your mistakes (System).

Continuing on the 80’s influenced theme, Le Sport say their aim is to create “beautiful melodies that make every human feet turn in the direction of a dance floor”. With songs that remind you of Pet Shop Boys, Human League and Saint Etienne, as well as a sprinkling of italo-disco piano riffs, Euro Deluxe Dance Party pretends (successfully) that 1985 is being kept well and truely alive in Stockholm.

One of my favourite discoveries of last year was BWO (then known as Bodies Without Organs) which was formed by Alexander Bard of Army of Lovers fame . Not to be outdone by her former bandmate, Dominika Peczynski started a new project (which she has since left) Nouveau Riche. Fans of AOL will instantly recognise the big bold euro-pop which continues in the well worn (but nonetheless) enjoyable path trodden by the likes of BWO, AOL and pretty much every Swedish eurovision entry.

MP3: Lo-Fi-Fnk – Adore (Expired)
Mp3: Lo-Fi-Fnk – City (Expired)

Mp3: Le Sport – Your Brother Is My Only Hope (Expired)
Mp3: Le Sport – Tell No-one About Tonight (Expired)

Mp3: Nouveau Riche – Hardcore Life (Expired)
MP3: Nouveau Riche – Oh Lord (Expired)


Blogger xolondon said...

Lo Fi Fink is a wee bit staccato for me, but I like the synth action. "City" has a PSB feel doesn't it? I am inclined to say that Le Sport tops them (heh heh) and Dangerous Muse top Le Sport. It's a regular daisy chain of synthpop c*ck.

May 23, 2006 1:52 pm

Blogger homoeclectic said...

It's ok, you're allowed to say 'cock' on my blog.

Hmm...swedish cock daisy chain...I think you may have single handedly lowered the tone here.

May 23, 2006 2:45 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should check out popjustice!,14.0.html
They totally ripped you off.

May 24, 2006 11:04 pm

Blogger weegieboi said...

My God Homo!
You should be living in my household with me.....You ARE me.....Argento?....Bava?....Franco....Mylène?.......thank you SO much for the nod on Lo-Fi-Fnk and Le Sport

May 27, 2006 11:51 pm


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